About LiskNames

Blockchain is disrupting our industries. A global innovation with the possibility to democratize industries, create transparency and fair pricing models. The Lisk Ecosystem is an initiative to power the blockchain revolution. Lisk provides a backbone for personal blockchains that can be easily build and customized, called sidechains.

We want to help the Lisk Ecosystem grow in order to help them to really change the world and have impact. That’s why we created LiskNames. LiskNames is a domain name service provider that can handle Lisk payments to buy domain names. In the future we might expand with hosting packages and or vps packages.

How does it work?

You can order as many domain names at ones by clicking `register` after checking if your domain name is free. When you selected all the domain names you want you can complete the order by either logging in or filling out the registration form. Click on the Lisk payment link and send the amount of requested LSK to the LiskID on the screen. After the LSK is confirmed your order will be completed.